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Welcome to the web site of Chapter 056 of the Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers. We are a family oriented group of motorcycle enthusiasts. Our emphasis is on safe group riding and friendship. We don't care what make or model of motorcycle you ride, as long as you ride. It costs nothing to join us, and there are no dues.

Our rules are simple:

* Don't drink and ride.  Always ride safely.  Always be nice to each other.*

For club by-laws and guidelines please visit the CMC National home page.

Our chapter holds mid-week Meet & Greets where we get together over coffee and get to know each other, plan rides, and do short group rides if desired. We do our longer, planned rides on the weekends.

Come on out and get to know us, and let us get to know you. You will find we are a very friendly group of people who share a common interest in motorcycles and riding. As stated in the Bylaws, you are not required to own a bike, several of our members are passengers. It does not matter what kind of bike you ride or are interested in, all are welcome.

Chapter Meet-up & Event Information

Tuesday Evening Meet & Greets

Horseshoe Bay Starbucks

5:00 pm if you are joining us for dinner
6:30 pm if you are joining us for coffee

Joining us for dinner? Meet at the Starbucks by 5:00, then we wander up the street to one of the local restaurants, or ride to a dinning destination. See the CMC web Forum for weekly details. CMC web forum

Weekend Meets & Group Rides
Horseshoe Bay Starbucks
Sunday mornings, 10:00 am.

We do organized  group rides on Sundays during the riding season when the weather permits. Our rides may be as short as a few hours, or they may be a full day ride, or even an over-nighter or longer. Ride information gets posted ahead of time on the CMC web forum.

All rides and events are Weather Permitting Of Course !

Special Up Coming Rides And Events!

Nothing planned from here on till the end of the year but come on out to one of the regulare meets. They go on year round. Even with most of us having our bikes parked for the winter, its still nice to get together over a coffee and chat about rides past, present and future.

Riding safety is foremost and paramount for the Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers, and for our 056 Vancouver Chapter. Our Group Riding Hand Signals, and Road Captain Training basics are 'must' information for anyone who rides with us. Please follow these links and download the PDF's. We hold regular training seminars in order to get and keep everyone on the same page and make our rides safe and enjoyable.

Group Ride Training Outline
Road Captain Training Outline

BC Motor Vehicle Act Regulations Efective June 1, 2012

Skills Training Day

U-Clear 200 software verion 2.07 and higher Manual

Contacts & Officer Info.

Our chapter, like all the CMC chapters, use a core group of volunteer members as officers. These members plan and organize our events, be they rides or meets or whatever. Our officers are always open to ideas and suggestions. It is our officers, as well as Road Captains who do our ride training and generally watch out for the well being of our members.

1st Officer - R/C
Ian (DocMucker)

2nd Officer - R/C

3rd Officer - R/C
Skill & Training Officer

4th Officer

5th Officer


6th Officer

*** In the interest of new members who are not sure which chapter to join ! ***
There are two other CMC chapters located in the Lower Mainland
that cover southern and eastern areas.

091 Fraser Valley (Maple Ridge)

009 Richmond

There is also the CMC British Columbia web site where information on all the BC chapters can be found.
CMC British Columbia

The CMC Web Forum
CMC Web Forum

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