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Chapter Meet-up & Event Information

Tuesday Evening Meet & Greets

Horseshoe Bay Starbucks

5:30 if you are joining us for dinner
6:30 if you are joining us for coffee

Joining us for dinner? Meet at the Starbucks by 5:30, then we wander up the street to one of the local restaurants.
Joining us afterward for coffee and a chin-wage, we'll be back to Starbucks by about 6:30.

Weekend Meets & Group Rides

Horseshoe Bay Starbucks

Sunday mornings, 10:00.

We do organized  group rides on Sundays during the riding season when the weather permits. Our rides may be as short as a few hours, or they may be a full day ride, or even an over-nighter or longer. Ride information gets posted ahead of time on the CMC web forum as well as right here on this web page.

Up Coming Ride Info And Events!

Each week's ride and / or event info gets posted here.
All rides are Weather Permitting Of Course !

Skills Day has been Cancelled until Further Notice due to Weather, Mother's Day and Long Weekend.
Stay tuned for further info...

June 7 - Campout Weekend

Sasquatch Provincial Park, Hicks Lk
Directions: Sasquatch Park is located off of Highway 7, six kilometers north of Harrison Hot Springs. Follow the signs through Harrison Hot Springs and Green Point.

More info to follow as we get closer to the event....

The Annual Cache Creek Weekend Info Message From Dan...

The Cache Creek weekend is a "go". It is the weekend of August 8, 9, and 10th.
The Sage Hills motel has been booked for this. Please call the hotel very soon at 250-457-6451 and book your room. You must say you are with "CMC". I asked them to only allow bookings for people who say CMC.
Here are the basic plans for the weekend:
Friday the 8th, ride to Cache Creek, causal meet and greet in the evening.
Saturday the 9th- "Find your own" breakfast, at around 10am start the group rode through a scenic loop. Group lunch (we're looking for a buffet, probably in Merritt), back to Cache Creek in mid-afternoon, group dinner at around 5:30 in Cache Creek and casual fun evening.
Sunday the 10th- everyone departs.
Although there are some finer details to fill in between now and the then, expect some good riding and fun with members from several chapters that weekend. It would be awesome to have CMC family from all chapters attend.
Any offers of assistance, especially with the Saturday night dinner will be greatly appreciated.
One final comment- the Sage Hills will book up quickly. I suggest you phone them soon (do NOT try to book on-line). If they do fill up, Cache Creek has several motels. One of which is the Bonaparte Motel (250) 457-9693, directly across the road from Sage Hills motel.

Group riding training seminare is a requirement for anyone wishing to participate in our organized group rides, and in a safe and controlled manor, and are available on an on-going basis, and when requested.

Road Captain training seminars are available to all road captains (refresher) and interested riders  during the riding season.

CMC Crests, Caps and Patches are Available Through our Officers.

Everyone is encouraged to proudly wear a Madison Crest when riding and at chapter and club events. Our crests and identification patches are purchased, not earned.  We do NOT use the term 'colours' when referring to our Madison Crest or any other CMC item.

Contacts & Officer Info.

Our chapter, like all the CMC chapters, use a core group of volunteer members as officers. These members plan and organize our events, be they rides or meets or whatever. Our officers are always open to ideas and suggestions. It is our officers, as well as Road Captains who do our ride training and generally watch out for the well being of our members.

1st Officer - R/C
Doug (dbinbc)

2nd Officer - R/C
Tommy (Pathfinder)

3rd Officer - R/C
Vidiographer - Promotions
Ian (DocMucker)

4th Officer - R/C
Skill & Training Officer

5th Officer - R/C

6th Officer
Ryan (Sea2Sky)

South District Liaison

Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers

056 Vancouver